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"Shape & Consciousness" exhibition

The theme of this exhibition revolves around "shaping" and "stream of consciousness." It aims to explore the relationship between form and content in contemporary art and how art can be used to express and convey the concept of the stream of consciousness. Through the creative works of artists, the audience will be presented with a unique journey of the heart. The exhibition will showcase the artists' works through various forms and media, allowing the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the diversity and richness of art and culture.
"Sotheby's AutumnAuction" exhibition

HIYA organized a members' visit to the "Sotheby's AutumnAuction" exhibition on October 5th.This activity, which involves mutual exchange and exploration of the mysteries of art, can help members better appreciate art and develop a deeper understanding of different artistic domains.can help members better appreciate art and develop a deeper understanding of different artistic domains.
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Autumn concert 2023

Hall in Causeway Bay. We were honored to have the presence of Mr. Manling Cheung, Chairman of the HIYA, and Miss Chantelle Huang, President, who joined us on this marvelous musical journey. 
Interactive Future (Season 3) - Cross-border Youth Art Exhibition of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau

"Interactive Future" (Season 3) once again focuses on young artists from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau, aiming to showcase the new faces of youth art in the Greater Bay Area. The exhibition features nearly a hundred artworks, including paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, and more, exhibiting diverse forms and rich content with depth, tension, and distinctiveness. Through the diverse perspectives, open-minded thinking, and interdisciplinary exploration of young artists from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau, the exhibition marks the perfect testament to the integration and vitality of the Greater Bay Area.
Hong Kong Dance Company Children's and Youth Troupes Outstanding Students Award Scheme
Mini Bonsai Workshop

The entire workshop concluded in a joyful and harmonious atmosphere. Participants not only took home their handmade miniature bonsai but also gained a newfound passion for the art of bonsai and a deeper appreciation for nature. 
Memory of Touch

The exhibition theme is the specific moment that touches people's heart.The artists will present different forms and styles to interpret things and the state of mind in that moment, showing their unique style and
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International Cultural Exchange

Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society (HIYA) had great honor to visit Vietnam Fine Arts Museum (Hanoi) for cultural and artistic exchanges in mid-April. The process was a huge success. Through art, the international cooperation between Hong Kong and Vietnam will be further deepened, and art will be introduced and widely promoted.
Spring Orchestra

To welcome for the coming of spring, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society have hold a “Spring Orchestra”. At that time, we have invited the Hong Kong Artists’ Gallery Orchestra to perform for us, they will bring us two well-known cantonese songs with a new song arrangement . We look forward to see you in this spring carnival.
Art Festival – The Continued Tradition" Exhibition Extension

The extended exhibition to preserve a number of traditional Chinese art works, and continue to exhibit and convey their cultural significance.
Art Festival · The Continued Tradition

This exhibition is dominated by the ink creations exhibited by the experience artists of our association and promote traditional history and culture. At the same time, it also displays traditional Chinese opera, paintings and installation art. In addition to traditional art, we also hope to popularize traditional Chinese art and make the public feel the meaning and culture.
Master Re-Creation Workshop 

The workshop will be hold by Mr. Cheung Manling. Friends can share beautiful moments and recreate their own unique designs in the workshop.
“Key" Artist Sharing Session

HIYA invited two of the participating artists of “UNLOCK" exhibition, Mr. Or Yan Wai (Lai Yin) and Mr. Leung Shui Hang,  to hold a sharing session under the theme of "Keys" They share their inspirations and stories behind their works, and explore with the audience the responsibilities and meanings of artists in different aspects of personal, social and historical aspects.
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Artist Inspiration Sharing Session and Creation

Invite two of the exhibiting artists—Olly Liu and Cheung Wing Yee to hold a sharing session on creative inspiration. On that day, audience are able to hear the artists share and introduce works after viewing works freely, and Ms. Cheung will also have live creation demonstration.
‘UNLOCK’ Exhibition

Is fortunate to be able to invite many artists to cooperate and provide opportunities for the public to appreciate artworks. It can also achieve the purpose of this exhibition - to unlock the shackles of art, art is no longer limited, and anyone can have unique creativity.
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"Sanyu's Destiny" Salon Sharing Session
Sanyu's Series of classic works have a lot of Stream of Consciousness elements, Hope To Build
an artistic conception of learning Sanyu's creative style and The Stream Of Consciousness and experience a differentartistic atmosphere.
"Sanyu and the Stream of Consciousness" exhibition

Bring you the linkage and fantasy of all senses with the experience of the five senses. The eyes (vision), ears (hearing), nose (smell), hands (touch), and the brain (the strongest sense organ) are used to appreciate the stream of consciousness and Sanyu's paintings.
Tea Art exchange Workshops

We will explore the history of the tea ceremony and the tea ceremony in the Song Dynasty. Through demonstration and practice, we will further understand tea and Chinese culture, broaden our horizon and increase our learning experience.
Mini Bonsai Workshops

The practice of making potted plants has helped many people to develop a series of planting skills and design concepts for potted plants over the years. In addition to the exchange of paintings, there is also a diverse exchange of bonsai, which provides an in-depth understanding of the art of bonsai.   
Re-Creation Workshop

Make your own unique designs in the workshop,increase everyone's understanding of Sanyu and stream of consciousness, so as to reduce stress, relax,
"Light of Love" Exhibition

We hope to inspire the artists to reflect the gentle and strong forces of their own lives, allowing them to present in the form of art. We want to pass on the message that "Light of Love" is supposed to shine everywhere, including places we are not familiar with.   
Christie’s 2022 Spring Auction and Exhibition Guided Tour       

Guests of the tour were able to see many great art masterpieces and elegant boutiques.  The tour guides provided excellent detailed description on the auction processes.  Everybody had a great time.
The Future of Interaction (The Second Season)

About 60 artists from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau gathered together, and more than 80 exquisite exhibits fully reflected the innovation and vitality of young artists from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau. From traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints and sculptures to contemporary installations, videos and trendy plays, different artistic styles are exhibited.  
 Hong Kong Artists’ Gallery Orchestra (AGO) Winter Concert 

Conducted by the famous music director Stella Tsang, the Hong Kong Artists’ Gallery Orchestra (AGO) Winter Concert was held in mid-December. We hope the intoxicating music brought warmth to the audience in this cold winter.
When three becomes one

In response to Hong Kong's largest design festival deTour, HIYA teamed up with artists from different fields to start with the theme of this year's "Useful. Useless", and made Environmental Protection as the subject of the joint exhibition to inspire various discussions, and to bring everybody a different artistic perception.
 “Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Auctions” Guided Tour

Presented some of the best art masterpieces from ancient times to the present in the auction, and the guided tour explained to the guests the story behind the artworks.
“Time Dimensions ‧ Hand Painting” Extended Exhibition – “Japanese art brainstorming. Continuing Our Legend Sharing Session”

Due to the enthusiastic response to “Time Dimensions ‧ Hand Painting” exhibition held in Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, HIYA has extended the exhibition to 15 January 2022 in facilities provided by Art Box.  The exhibition included guided tours and activities such as allowing the audience to experience the process of making and printing prints in different eras.  
Time Dimensions ‧ Hand Painting

The theme of this exhibition is the integration of different time, space and regions.  The audience was able to travel with their eyes to different places and spaces through hand-painted works.  The exhibition not only showcased Japanese art works from the Edo period 300 years ago, but also rare antique paintings from the Taisho period. 
 Mid-Autumn Festival - Donating Moon Cakes

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, HYIA ordered handmade moon cakes (without preservatives) from an old shop in Cheung Chau and donated them to the elderly living in the Anfu Nursing Home.  Our action not only provided comfort to the elderly and brought them into the Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere, but also gave support to handmade shops with a lot of history.  
 Life Education Farm

HIYA sent mentor volunteers to communities to promote life and art education.
The Fun of Learning Calligraphy—Exploring the Repair of Pottery Figurines in the Tang Dynasty

The art of calligraphy and painting is broad and profound.  One need to know how to write, how to mount, how to repair, seal carving, and sculpture to achieve deeply appreciation of the beauty of oriental art.
 “Eastern Ink Writing Past Present Future” + Whiskey

An occasional glass of whiskey at the dinner table can add a touch of flavor to the food. Whiskey can also be appreciated with paintings. While enjoying the smoothness of whiskey, you can feel the brushstrokes of calligraphy and painting.
"My Childhood" sharing session

Art Box was able to invite artist Ms. Liu Xiaoying to share her inspiration behind her 2021 Hong Kong Publishing Biennale award-winning "My Childhood".    The highlight of the sharing session was Ms. Liu’s memories of her childhood and the contrast of today’s bustling metropolis to the simple and innocent life of the past.
"Easter Ink Writing: Past, Present, Future"  exhibition

Ink Wash Painting is a type of Chinese and East Asian ink brush painting.  Considered the representative of Chinese paintings, ink washing paintings  originally used black ink, such as that used in Chinese calligraphy, and later evolved into paintings with different colors. The paintings made by mixing water and ink into different shades of ink allow us to see the changes of the times and the convergence of history and culture.

“Stream of Consciousness into the New World-Read My Mind” and International Painting Competition 2020 Award Ceremony

Consciousness flows in dance, painting, and writing, and each time it brings people different feelings. The stream of consciousness that everyone hears, sees, and feels is different. The inheritance of culture allows art to flow to larger and farther places, touching people's hearts. 

A Seminar on Japanese Sake Culture

Sake is  a language.   Explore Japanese and sake culture in your own artistic way. Sake is  a language which contains you sense,feeling and passion.

Sotheby’s Spring exhibition Guided Tours

On 17 April 2021, HKYA has organized a tour specifically for our members to tour around the Sotheby Exhibition. HKYA Chairman Manling Cheung and Artistic Advisor Hung Chun Hwa served as the Guided Lecturers and educate our members the stories behind the artworks.  


Essential Calligraphy Techniques of the Northern Wei Dynasty

Without the influence of Northern Wei calligraphy, the regal, elegant, vigorous, and strait Tang Kai style may never exist.  Without the existence of Northern Wei calligraphy, we may never get to see the dignified strokes, rigorous structure, and the grandeur from great calligraphers like Ouyang Xun, Chu Suiliang, Li Yong, and Yen Chen-ching.


Christmas and New Year Collection Exhibition

designed by the Chairman of HIYA, Mr Man-ling Cheung, and members of HIYA, Hilde Mertens and Jasmin. By adding Christmas and New Year elements to the exhibition, HIYA would like to present you an exhibition with the combination of festive atmosphere and artistic fusion, to farewell 2020 and welcome 2021.

聖誕 - 2_01.jpg

Essential Calligraphy Techniques of the Northern Wei Dynasty

Without the influence of Northern Wei calligraphy, the regal, elegant, vigorous, and strait Tang Kai style may never exist.  Without the existence of Northern Wei calligraphy, we may never get to see the dignified strokes, rigorous structure, and the grandeur from great calligraphers like Ouyang Xun, Chu Suiliang, Li Yong, and Yen Chen-ching.


Mount Painting workshop

Our workshop has invited a world renowned expert in antique restoration to teach various techniques on how to mount paintings. Participants of the workshop will learn the basic skills of mounting their own paintings. These exercises will  further enhance their understanding of art creation. 


“Million Dollar Potato” Sale Ceremony

A miracle in Pandemic! HKD1.5 million worth Potato Artwork Project was sold! It is an Artwork, as well as a guaranteed return investment. The unique "Value-Added Program" by Art Box offers an annual value appreciation of 5% guarantee return to the collector.



An old tale tells the story of a little girl fascinated by her teacher’s stockings. The little girl couldn’t stop touching her teacher’s legs, until she got punished.


A dialogue between "seeing and hearing"

What happens when visual artists and professional musicians explore impromptu art together


Yukio Chiduri improvises on the Japanese silent movie "Isu Dancers"


Yukio Chiduri, a well-renowned Sakuhachi artist, moves the audience into a standing ovation, improvising on a silent movie

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