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Art Salon and Panta Ink Wash Painting


The HKIYAS studio kicked-off an art salon on Ink Wash Painting with Laurence Lee, a renowned master in Ink Wash painting and Bonsai.  Other participants included reputable Hong Kong visual artists Matthew Tsang(曾敏富先生),Alan Sin(冼藝隆先生),and Mr. Kwong Wah Chen.


       With more than 3,000 years of history, Ink Wash Painting represents a major branch of Chinese painting.  The materials used in Ink Wash Painting are simply water, black ink, and paper.  Ink Wash paintings emphasize brushwork and the perceived "spirit" or "essence" of a subject, as opposed to direct imitation.


      Even after centuries of constant refinement and form change, the spirit of artistic creation has remained constant after many thousands of years.


       Participants in the Ink Wash Painting salon enthusiastically exchanged ideas and explored the question of how to use traditional Ink Wash Painting techniques to represent modern-day life, and how to transform these representations through other art forms such as photography, drama, or different branches of painting.  

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