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Sake is  a language.  

Explore Japanese and sake culture in your own artistic way.

Sake is  a language which contains you sense,feeling and passion.

On 23 of May 2021 at the Art Box,

Sakeholic Mr.Iwama will share how to taste and feel by academic and artistic way.


These 3 bottles of sake of different level came from an exclusive group of three hundred or so bottles ever produced. They are extremely valuable collector items. They were brewed with 19% of the remaining essence from the best Japanese rice, used only for Japanese shrines.


To fully experience the aroma and tast of sake, it would require certain complements when drinking Japanese sake such as Japanese chess, bamboo gadgets, and exquisite hand-made paper, etc.


Explain the seasonal differences and choose the most suitable temperature for tasting sake.

After trying each type of sake, members has been told to express their feeling of how they feel about each type of sake, and explained how to interpret the beauty of it.


Japanese experts analyzed the types and cultural background of Sake.

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