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The “Eastern Ink Writing Past Present Future” + Whiskey exhibition organized by the HIYA was held on September 4, 2021 from 3 pm to 5 pm at Art Box. The event introduced how whiskey can be enjoyed together with paintings. It is a great honor to invite Mr. Chen Mingde, the artistic director of the Mingzong Calligraphy Art Museum in Taiwan, to share his knowledge on paintings and the whiskey brand ambassador Mr. Liang Weijie to share his knowledge on whiskey.

DSCF1442 02.jpg

An occasional glass of whiskey at the dinner table can add a touch of flavor to the food. Whiskey can also be appreciated with paintings. While enjoying the smoothness of whiskey, you can feel the brushstrokes of calligraphy and painting.


Fan Chun, vice chairman of the association, led the audience to appreciate the works in the exhibition.

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