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    "Easter Ink Writing: Past, Present, Future"  exhibition was successfully held in the Exhibition Hall on the 7th floor of the High Block of the Hong Kong City Hall on July 3-4, 2021.  Using ink painting to understand the past, recognize the present, and predict the future, the works of seven unique and distinctive ink masters created many stories.


An impromptu demonstration by Mr. Wong Pui Kong, a great figure in the painting world, and an inscription session by our art consultant Mr. Hong Chuanhua.


Ink Wash Painting is a type of Chinese and East Asian ink brush painting.  Considered the representative of Chinese paintings, ink washing paintings  originally used black ink, such as that used in Chinese calligraphy, and later evolved into paintings with different colors. The paintings made by mixing water and ink into different shades of ink allow us to see the changes of the times and the convergence of history and culture.


Our vice chairman, ​ Mr. Fan Chun gave a lively and gripping guided tour.  His fascinating presentation generated tremendous enthusiasm from a large crowd.  

Potential art works were handed to internationally recognized art critics for evaluation and then sold in designated galleries. This artwork value-added plan ensures the market value and growth returns of artworks, and benefits both buyers and artists. It is hoped that the artworks can be passed on and let the public communicate through art.

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