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Art Box will held a Mount Painting workshop on November 14, 2020. Mounting improves the quality and color of Chinese ink on rice paper. It is like injecting new life to the paper, making it look strong and beautiful, and easier for keeping.

Text from the famous Chinese book “Decoration History”- “After pass down from generations, none of the old paintings nor calligraphy are in perfect shape. If you want to restore them, you need to act as a doctor treating a patient. A good doctor with good medicine will quickly cure the patient. An incompetent doctor prescribing wrong medicine will kill the patient instantly.”


Our workshop has invited a world renowned expert in antique restoration to teach various techniques on how to mount paintings. Participants of the workshop will learn the basic skills of mounting their own paintings. These exercises will  further enhance their understanding of art creation. 

Our workshop instructor is an expert in antique restoration who had worked for many years in Chinese national museums.  He is expertise in the art of mounting ancient Chinese paintings.

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