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On October 30, 2020, Art Box invited local art lovers and medias to join the Ceremony for the Sale of “Million worth Potato”. Meanwhile, Art Box announced and introduce their gallery uniqueness - “Value-Added Program” with an annual value appreciation of 5% guarantee for any Artwork sold via Art Box. 

The ceremony was held in the Art Box Gallery located at Factory B, 24/F, Golden Dragon Industrial Centre Block 4, 182-190 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong.  The Curator, Mr. Manling Cheung, leads everyone to a tour in the venue and to introduce the Artworks in the gallery.


A professional dancer was invited to interpret the artistic combination between dance and painting by her dancing. 


The artist, Philippe Charmes, was invited to introduce his background and his art development in Hong Kong. He also introduced the lead of this event, Million Worth Potato and its history.


During the ceremony, Mr. Chun Fan, the Director of Art Box had illustrated the concept and the details of their unique “Value-Added Program” to the audience. This program offers an annual value appreciation of 5% guarantee for any Artwork purchase from Art Box. Collector may trade off their collection from Art Box with the current available Art Box collection at 125% of the original price 5 years after purchases, 150%after 10 years and so on up to 30 years. This program has already attracted many attention in the Hong Kong Arts society.An autographed certificate will be issued by Art Box to the collector for authentication. 


Mr. Fan, the Director of Art Box,  awarded the certificate of the “$1.5 Million Worth Potato” to Mr. Rhodes, who represented the unnamed buyer of the artwork.

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