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The 2021 Sotheby’s Spring exhibition was held at the Hong Kong Spring Sales and Exhibition Center between 16 – 21 April. This event has  showcased many famous artwork, including from modern, classical Chinese painting, modern, contemporary art to luxury products, jewelry and watches. 


On 17 April 2021, HKYA has organized a tour specifically for our members to tour around the Sotheby Exhibition. HKYA Chairman Manling Cheung and Artistic Advisor Hung Chun Hwa served as the Guided Lecturers and educate our members the stories behind the artworks.  


During the guided tour, we allowed the members  to share and express their opinions on various art works and discuss among themselves. During the discussions, the members with the most insightful opinion, is awarded with a special gift.


All members who attended the guided tour felt it was a very unforgettable trip.  The tour allowed them to expand their artistic horizon, and more importantly, allowed them to make friends with members.  All members look forward attending a similar event.

Appreciation of auction items


This may be the most expensive plate of fruits ever (auction price HK$200 Millions).  This masterpiece is created by Cezanne, the father of modern art.  Enlightened by oriental arts and philosophies, Cezanne emphasizes representation in realism, the “spirit” of the objects is the main focus. Cezanne’s new thinking started a major movement in Western arts and has inspired the artist after him.


Calligraphy by Kang Youwei (康有為), the prominent political thinker and reformer of the late Qing dynasty. They are regal yet unpretentious.  Kang was known to be a master of rotating, finessing, twisting, and turning a brush pen.  His style combines ruggedness and gentleness.  His calligraphy is the embodiment of strength and simplicity.

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