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Penjing in Hong Kong: past, present and future


Penjing, also known as Bonsai, is the ancient Chinese art of artistically formed trees, plants, and landscapes in miniature. The trees are carefully pruned and combined with rocks are small-scale renditions to form natural landscapes. They are often referred to as living sculptures or as three-dimensional poetry. Their artistic composition captures the spirit of nature and distinguishes them from ordinary potted plants.


Mr. Nan Yong Fa, Chairman of HK Penjing and Artstone Society, was the keynote speaker for this Penjing Forum. Other Penjing masters also gave presentations, focusing on the history and characteristics of Penjing in Hong Kong. Petra Budai, a famous European landscape designer was also invited to speak. To make this event a real educational experience, some of the Penjing masters demonstrated the techniques of building Penjing in front of the audience. The great feedback of the audience might lead to a follow-up session later on. 


Penjing as an art and bonsai technique is over twelve hundred years old. Penjing literally means landscape in a container. By placing carefully pruned plants and rocks in a container the Penjing master shapes a landscape in miniature that represents the aesthetics of the different seasons and beyond that the outlook on life and the world in 3-dimensions. 


Chairman Nan and Petra Budai introduce the audience into the world of Penjing: from ancient times to the present

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