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Pui Kong, Wong
Chinese Ink Master

Mr. Wong is a highly distinguished Chinese ink master who is renowned for combining traditional calligraphy and ink techniques with Western style painting. His work can be found in museums, galleries, and private collections. Mr. Wong is an acclaimed art educator in Hong Kong who influenced many students who have become successful artist in their own right. Mr. Wong will continue to share his vast experience and nurture young artists.

Art Director, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society 
Director, Hong Kong Artists Association 
Honorary Advisor to Hong Kong Museum of Art 
Former Instructor of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Dean of Art Department, First Design institute of Art and design of Hong Kong
Inaugural Winner, Hong Kong Urban Council Art Award 

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Manling Cheung, Visual Artist & Educator

Manling has been a visual arts educator and successful professional artist for many years. His works express elements of eternity to evoke thoughts about the origin of life, human existence, and intimate sexual relationships. Manling takes a unique experimental approach to helping unleash his students creativity. He has established a great reputation in the HK art scene and has helped establish many local artist associations and art events. His goal is to keep promoting the importance of art and promising artists in HK and every where else in the world.

Vice Chairman, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

Master of Fine Art in Visual Art, Norwich University, US
Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting, Paier College of Art, US
Lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute
2003, Third China National Exhibition of Oil Painting, NAMOC

2001, HK Biennial Exhibition, HK Museum of Art

2000, Connecticut Artists` Show, Slader Museum, US

1995, N.A.P Award-Scholarship, National Arts program, US


Chun Fan, Vice-Chairman

In his work, Fan is influenced by the works of Western abstract expressionist masters such as Mark Rothko and Japanese Soto Buddhist and Zen painter Maru Taisen Taisen Deshimaru. He uses unique sketching techniques to express the ideas of Oriental Gods, truth, goodness and beauty and the concepts of "the world of color and space". Fan takes it as his mission to actively promote the "commercialization" of young artists.
Vice Chairman, HKIYAS
National first-class artist
National first-class calligrapher
Director, New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies
Member, Hong Kong Artists Association
Diploma in Fine Art, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Chinese University of HK
Diploma in Fine Art, First Institution of Art and Desig
Member of International calligraphy & Painting Artists Association
Member of Chinese Calligraphers and Painters Association


Ringo Wong, Interior Designer

Ringo is a renowned interior designer in Hong Kong and founder of Innovative Design Studio. He is an expert in artistic design and creative photography. He is the Chief Image Officer of Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

Chief Image Officer, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

Member, Hong Kong Interior Design Association

Graduate from Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee Campus)

Huang Qiaoxian

As a real estate developer, Qiaoxian was voted the most innovative real estate person in Heyuan China in 2017. She is currently the Vice Chairperson of the Third Council of the Heyuan Real Estate Industry Association.  In her private life, Qiaoxian has been an enthusiastic painter and combines European painting techniques with oriental painting themes. Her unique feeling for color is apparent in all her work. 

Society Director Chief Public Affairs and Operating Officer of HIYA Senior Diploma in Fine Art, First Institution of Art and Design College of Hong Kong Deputy Director, Héyuán Hakka Cultural Museum

Newspaper Columnist, Aberdeen Lion Rock Daily and Sing Pao Daily News
National first-class artist
National first-class calligrapher
Member of International calligraphy & Painting Artists Association


Yu Cheung, Vice-Chairman

Vice Chairman, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society
Founding Director, Chinese Peking Opera Art Foundation
Honorary President, Shanghai-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Association
Director, Jingkun Opera Troupe of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Founder, Spring-Autumn Opera (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong and Macau Member of the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th sessions of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference. 
Honorary President, Shanghai-Hong Kong Economic and Cultural Promotion Association
Senior Consultant, "Shanghai-Hong Kong Economics" Magazine
Director, China Peking Opera Art Foundation
Dean of Jingkun Theatre, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Former Special Representative of the 6th National Congress of Literature and Art
Vice President, Shanghai Public Relations Association


Feng Ji, Music Director 

Mr. Ji Feng graduated from China Academy of Art with a doctoral degree in literature.  Currently, he is a lecturer in several Chinese art academies.  From 2012 to 2019, Doctor Ji has published numerous books and papers.  He participated in compiling the “Chinese Painting Textbook for Grades” sponsored by the China Cultural Ministry Art Grade Test Center.  His works are mainly Chinese landscape paintings, exhibited all over the country, and are collected by the China Academy of Art and many art lovers.
Artistic Director, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society
Lecturer, School of Art, Zhejiang International Studies University
Guest Lecturer, China Academy of Art
Researcher, Center for Chinese Thoughts, Painting and Calligraphy


Suzan Shutan, Visual Artist & Educator

Suzan is a world renowned artist who has participated in many international art exhibitions in the USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Argentina, Russia, Canada and Columbia. Her work has received the highest praise in renowned publications such as the New York Times and High Performance Magazine. Suzan's motivation is to help HKIYAS grow and organize unique international artistic exchange events.


Visual Arts Director, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

Master of Arts, Rutgers University, US

Bachelor of Arts, California College of the Arts, US

Lecturer, Rhode Island School of Design, US

Lecturer, Quinnipiac University, US

Resident Artist, Berkshire Taconic Foundation

Winner, New York Contemporary Arts Foundation Awards 

Stella TSANG.jpg

Stella Tsang, Music Director 

Stella is a well known classical music composer and accomplished music educator in Hong Kong. Her students have won numerous awards in major competitions. Stella is keen to share her music talent and experiences in HKIYAS to help educate and nurture aspiring young music talent.


Music Director, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society(AGO

Master of Music, Royal College of Music in London, UK

Bachelor of Music with Honors, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Teacher in Musical Composition, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Nimchi Yuen, Visual Artist

Born in Hong Kong, and grown up in the Netherlands, Nimchi now lives in the UK where she is a professional painter, sculptor and jewelry maker. She is quirky and eclectic in her artistic style and enjoys exploring ambiguity and clashing elements to create a new level of harmony. Nimchi has spent considerable time as an artist and art educator in HK.  She hopes to share her vast experience and knowledge with young artists.

Visual Arts Advisor, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society
B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art (Painting), Kent Institute of Art and Design, UK
Lecturer, First Institution of Art and Design of Hong Kong
Exhibiting Artist, Opera Gallery


Derek Marks, Artist & Educator 

So far, Derek held over nine solo exhibitions in the UK and participated in several group exhibitions. He spent much of 2016-2017 writing his book "Legacies: Arts & Culture - A Personal Journey" which received great reviews. Derek spent considerable time in Hong Kong as an educator and painter. As art advisor to HKIYAS, he is happy to bring his international experience and knowledge to the Art Box.


BA Fine Art (First Class Honors), Goldsmiths College of Art, UK

Foundation: Chelsea School of Art, London, UK

Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Design Institute

Associate Lecturer, University of Arts, London, UK

2019-2011 Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, London, UK

1996 The Hunting Prizes: Royal College of Art, London and Victoria Art Gallery, Bath, UK



Yukio Chidori, Japanese Shakuhachi Master 


Yukio is a world famous performer of the Japanese music instrument Shakuhachi. Since 2007, he has been studying Shakuhachi under the renowned master Teruhisa Fukuda, founder of the Hijiri School /Sainte-École. Yukio performed at various concerts organized by The Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong and at several universities and concert halls in Hong HK and Japan. He is passionate to share and promote traditional Japanese music. 

Music Advisor, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

Awarded title Shihan (Master) and title of “Seimei 聖明” (Wisdom)

Lecturer  (Shakuhachi), The Chinese University of Hong Kong Music Department

2007: Shakuhachi Performer, ISCM-ACL World Music Days Conference

2012: performed Shakuhachi with City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong and debut of Karl Jenkins' Requiem

2018: recorded a music session with Cantopop singer Pakho Chau

2018: performed as soloist with Cantopop singer Hins Cheung at HK Coliseum


Chuen Wa, Hung

Mr. Hung, alias Hung Fang, also known as Two-One Idle Person, was born in Shanghai in the 1950s and moved to Hong Kong in the 1980s. He founded an antique shop, bought and sold ancient arts, and restored them. He is a well known expert in calligraphy and engraving. In his spare time, he likes to share calligraphy, engraving and antique restoration techniques with young people.

Artistic Advisor, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society


Ming De, Chan
Mr. Mingde Chen is a well-known calligrapher. In recent years, he has developed the school of "non-calligraphy", an art form expressing personal artistic concepts with calligraphic lines and blank spaces. His works often coexist with a sense of classicism and modernity, and his artistic style is clear and unique. Chen vigorously promotes the art of calligraphy. He hopes to bring the art of calligraphy to the international audience through “non-calligraphy art” art works that do not contain Chinese characters. Mr. Chen is the founder of the "Mingzong Calligraphy Art Museum."

Artistic Advisor, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society


Zhen Guo, Zhang

Mr. Zhang is an artist specializes on traditional calligraphy, calligraphic painting, and calligraphy of Jinshi. He is both an evangelist and expert of Jinshiology. He is currently a teacher of the Advanced Calligraphy Jinshi Reseach Studio in the Art College of People’s University of China. He is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, and the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Unusual Art". Mr. Zhang’s art works often use different forms of calligraphy to depict human emotions such as happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy.  His art works are beloved by collectors of calligraphy and painting at home and abroad.

Artistic Advisor, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society


Ling Zhu, Multi-Media Artist

Mr. Zhu is a multi-talented artist in stage design, oil painting, Chinese ink wash & calligraphy and seal carving. He was the chair of Zhejiang Kunqu Opera Troupe and Director of the Troupe's creative team. He has won numerous national and provincial/municipal stage art design awards and was recognized by the Chinese government as a "First Class National Stage Art Designer".  In 2005, the Chinese Cultural Ministry awarded Mr. Zhu the title "Kun Opera Excellent Artistic (Dance Beauty) Leader". Mr. Zhu is bringing his vast experience to educate and nurture young artists in stage design. 

Artistic Director, Hong Kong International Young Artists Association
Bachelor of Music Education, Chinese Central Conservatory of Music
Bachelor of Stage Design, Shanghai Theater Academy of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts (major in painting), Zhejiang Academy of Arts Design
Vice President, Zhejiang Academy of Stage Art
Visiting Professor in Arts, Zhejiang Vocational College of Art
Visiting Professor in Arts, Zhejiang Communication College
Award Winner, China 10 Art Festival Dance Design Exhibition Stage Design

Michael Ponce2.jpg

Michael Ponce, Visual Artist & Educator

Born in Mexico, Michael is a painter, sculptor and craftsman. His work has appeared in several publications, including the American Artist Magazine, En Plein Air Magazine, Equine Vision Magazine and Polo: Players’ Edition. He is an exhibiting member of the National Arts Club and his work has been seen in many group and solo exhibitions. As an art advisor to HKIYAS, he brings a wealth of international art experiences to The Art Box. 

2003 Graduate Research, Oxford University, UK

2003 M.F.A., New York Academy of Art, New York, US

2001 B.F.A., Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, US

2003, New York Academy of Art Travel Award, US

2001, Betram Reinitz Memorial Award


John Kimball, Musician & Composer


John is a passionate musician and the lead guitarist of the American Rock & Roll Band "New Heaven" and overall classical and modern guitar expert. He claims that the more you work on it, the more you want to work on it. John is also known as an creative composer for guitar work and experiments with colorful sounds, creative textures and in your face sound combinations. As a music advisor to HKIYAS, he brings his experience in guitar music to educate and nurture young students.

Music Advisor, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

Class of 2010, Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, Connecticut

Composer and Player of Guitar Music, Modern and Classical

Lead guitarist, American Rock & Roll Band "New Heaven" 

John Kimball.jpg

Ge Gai, Visual Artist & Educator

Gai Ge lives and works as a professional painter and art educator in Shenzhen. His work has been exhibited at national and provincial levels and many of his works are now collectors items. His painting "Golden Autumn" was selected for the Fourth Chinese National Art Exhibition. As an art advisor to HKIYAS, he will bring his experience and knowledge to educate student painters.

Visual Art Advisor, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

BA of Fine Art, Qingdao University of Science and Technology

Managerial Member,Chinese Contemporary Artists Association

Member, Shandong Branch of the Chinese Artists Association

Member, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Professional Committee

Painting "Golden Autumn" selected for the Fourth Chinese National Art Exhibition


Laurence Lee, Bonsai Master 

Laurence has been an art educator in Hong Kong for many years.  He is a renowned master in Bonsai, Chinese ink wash and multi-media art.  His artworks focus on the relationship between literature and visual arts. Laurence is looking forward to educate young artists at The Art Box.

Director, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

Chairman, Hong Kong Bonsai Association

Sponsor and event planner, Hong Kong Rao Zongyi Cultural Center Bonsai Park

Former Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, Shatin Potting Association

Planning Consultant, Sotheby's Hong Kong's Inaugural Bonsai Auction and Exhibition

Principle planner, Hong Kong "Contemporary Bonsai Exhibition"

Master of Fine Arts, Royal Melbourne University, Australia

Master of Multimedia, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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