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Ms. Huang Qiaoxian

Society Director Chief Public Affairs and Operating Officer of HIYA Senior
Diploma in Fine Art, First Institution of Art and Design College of Hong Kong Deputy Director,
Héyuán Hakka Cultural Museum
Newspaper Columnist, Aberdeen Lion Rock Daily and Sing Pao Daily News

Born in Guangdong Province, Chantelle Huang has migrated to Hong Kong in 2010. Inspired by the world's top art diva, Yayoi Kusama, Japan's "Queen of Polka Dots", she officially started her art career and received an Advanced Diploma in Art from First Institute of Art and Design in Hong Kong. Later on, Wong left all these things behind and shifted from abstract natural forms to create her own style, and began to develop paintings in which human consciousness is intertwined and flowing, a free and vivid spirit of painting that belongs to the spiritual realm. Her creation is not planned in advance, and she does not have a fixed position for her paintings. The brush in her hands moves freely with the changes of her self-consciousness, thus forming a profound interpretation of her inner spiritual world and the unique perspective of real life. She is one of the founders of the stream-of-consciousness school of painting, and her works always maintain the rationality and independent thinking of new age women.

Born with a strong intuitive sense and sensibility, Chantelle is able to transform her inner life force into a creative force in art. In addition to her creative work, she also actively promotes art and curates several exhibitions, and trades in artworks. Since becoming an artist, she has received sponsorship from some Hong Kong consortiums to curate international exhibitions such as "Read My Mind" and "UNLOCK", which have gathered art lovers from all over the world and provided a platform for emerging artists of all ages to showcase their skills, giving young artists from China and overseas the opportunity to compete on the same stage. In 2021, she was invited by Sing Pao Daily News, Lion Rock Daily and other media to be the columnist of an art column, and published articles on promoting Hong Kong art and cultural heritage, which made her famous in the industry and established her unique personality and status in the art world.

She is also the founder and manager of the Hong Kong International Young Artists Society, a charitable organization that promotes Hong Kong as an international art exchange and protects the cultural heritage of our country. In 2022, she established the Canadian International Young Artists Society in Canada, hoping to help young artists from different countries to promote their works to a wider audience.


In addition to being an artist and a businesswoman, she is also a dreamer who never stops pursuing her dreams. Dreams are the persistence of believing in one's own beliefs and fulfilling one's ideal desires because of one's love for art," says Wong. She has always been committed to helping local artists with potential to explore the value of art for both the artists and the community at large. She aims to discover new talents in the art world and open the door for new generations of artists to achieve extraordinary careers and to surpass themselves.

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