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Zhu Ling

Artistic Director

Mr. Zhu Ling is a multi-talented artist excelling in stage design, oil painting, Chinese Ink Wash painting, calligraphy, and seal carving.  He was serving as the captain of Zhejiang Kunqu Opera Troupe, and  the Director of the Troupe's creative team.  Mr. Zhu has won numerous national and provincial / municipal stage art design awards and was recognized by the Chinese government as a "First Class National Stage Art Designer".  In 2005, the Chinese Cultural Ministry awarded Mr. Zhu the title "Kun Opera Excellent Artistic (Dance Beauty) Leader".  Mr. Zhu hopes to use his vast experience and knowledge to educate and nurture young artists who are interested in stage design.

  1.  Artistic Director, Hong Kong International Young Artists Association

  2. Bachelor of Music Education, Chinese Central Conservatory of Music

  3. Bachelor of Stage Design, Shanghai Theater Academy of Fine Arts

  4. Bachelor of Fine Arts (major in painting), Zhejiang Academy of Arts Design

  5. Vice President, Zhejiang Academy of Stage Art

  6. Visiting Professor in Arts, Zhejiang Vocational College of Art

  7. Visiting Professor in Arts, Zhejiang Vocational College of Tourism

  8. Visiting Professor in Arts, Zhejiang Communication College

  9. Award Winner, China 10 Art Festival Dance Design Exhibition Stage Design

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