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Nimchi Yuen

Visual Art Advisor

       Born in Hong Kong, and having grown up in the Netherlands, Ms Nimchi Yuen now resides in the UK as a professional painter, sculptor and jewellery maker.  Her artistic style is a bit quirky and eclectic.  She enjoys showing ambiguity in her artworks and loves to make elements clash to form a harmony together.   Ms Yuen has spent considerable time in Hong Kong as an artist and art educator.  She hopes to use her vast experience and knowledge to educate and nurture young artists.

  1. Visual Art Advisor, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

  2.  B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art (Painting), Kent Institute of Art and Design, UK

  3.  Lecturer, First Institution of Art and Design of Hong Kong

  4.  Exhibiting Artist, Opera Gallery

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