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Laurence Lee


         Mr. Laurence Lee has been an art educator in Hong Kong for many years.  He is a renowned master of the art of Bonsai, Chinese Ink Wash paintings, and multi-media art works.  His artworks focus mainly on exploring the relationship between literature and visual arts.  Mr. Lee hopes to use the facility of HKIYAS to educate and nurture young artists.

  1. Director, Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society

  2. Chairman, Hong Kong Bonsai Association

  3. Sponsor and event planner, Hong Kong Rao Zongyi Cultural Center Bonsai Park

  4. Former Vice Chairman and Secretary-General, Shatin Potting Association

  5. Planning Consultant, Sotheby's Hong Kong's Inaugural Bonsai Auction and Exhibition

  6. Principle planner, Hong Kong "Contemporary Bonsai Exhibition"

  7. Master of Fine Arts, Royal Melbourne University, Australia

  8. Master of Multimedia, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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