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June to July  

June, after spring, ushered in a vibrant summer, colorful and refreshing.
In July, the scorching sun is like fire, the fire of art is burning recklessly,the passion is unrestrained, and the light of art is ignited.
Past HIYA Events

The Future of Interaction (The Second Season)

      "The Future of Interaction (The Second Season) ", co-organized by the HIYA, has been opened at the Luo Hu Art Museum. About 60 artists from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau gathered together, and more than 80 exquisite exhibits fully reflected the innovation and vitality of young artists from Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau. From traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints and sculptures to contemporary installations, videos and trendy plays, different artistic styles are exhibited.   At the same time, the content of interaction with the audience has been increased to reflect the exchange of concepts with a sense of the times.    

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HIYA members selected works (in no particular order)

眩 入选.jpg

沈晖 《眩》 98*80cm

期待 入选.jpg

洪詩雅  《期待》 23*30cm

005It’s Party Time, take your Time_時間派對 入选.jpg

龔震皓 《時間派對》 40*30cm

都城泛影 入选.jpeg

麥俊鵬  《都城泛影》 60*120cm

馴虎 入选.jpg

張穎儀  《馴虎》 66*51cm

张良《我仿佛系列之不翼而立》木版 90X135cm 2021年  入选.jpg

张良  《我仿佛系列之不翼而立》90*135cm 

HIYA Events

"Light of Love" art pieces wanted

Over the past several years, we have witnessed a lot of light and strange things in an era of uncertainty. By presenting a theme such as "Light of Love", we hope to inspire artists to reflect on the gentle and strong forces of their own lives, allowing them to communicate this in the form of art.  


HIYA and AI Gallery will co-organize this exhibition this June. Presented artworks must be paintings, not limited to ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic, pencil, and any size.


Theme: Light of Love

Time: June 15 to 19

Venue: Hall 2, Hong Kong Central Library

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News of HIYA

Mr. Wong Pui Kong, our consultant, who previously owned the precious artwork 'Flowers and Insect', sold at an earlier Sotheby's auction successfully. 

Mr. Wong Pui Kong, our consultant, who previously owned the precious artwork 'Flowers and Insect', sold at an earlier Sotheby's auction successfully. The related restoration work was carried out by our Antiquities Restoration Team. The association houses an established collection of artists. Detailed information can be found below, including:


Artist: Zhao Shuru

Year: 1874-1945

Title: Flowers and insect

Material: ink and colour on paper, folding fan

For those who are interested in the auction, please visit :

Event Recommendations

The Dream of the Museum | Exhibition

Venue:Courtyard Galleries | M+ | West Kowloon Cultural District

Date:12 Nov 2021-18 Sept 2022


 In the 1960s, Conceptual Art was born. Rather than objects or images, this kind of art is about ideas. Two ideas, in particular, have been important to the development of Conceptual Art since its earliest days: that chance can play a determining role in the creative process and that everyday, found objects can become works of art through deliberate intervention. The Dream of the Museum expands the concept of found objects to show how artists use cultures as source material to update tradition. It begins with four pioneers—Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Yoko Ono, and Nam June Paik–and brings together twenty-seven artists from across geographies and generations who explore chance and found objects. Like these artists, the exhibition reimagines the museum and its collection as a treasure box that allows us to discover the world in new ways.


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Reservation is required for the exhibition:

Event Recommendations

 Mastering Masterpieces: The Essentials of Chinese Landscape Paintings

Venue:Wu Guanzhong Art Gallery,  Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Gallery, 4/F

Date:2022.04.21 – 2022.09.14



Why were the ancients so obsessed with landscape painting? Through the selected landscape paintings from the collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and various large scale multimedia installations, visitors can transpose themselves to the painted world in this exhibition where they can experience the poeticism and lyricism of the changing season and explore different ink and brush techniques. Visitors can also create their unique digital artworks and see how they compare with the ancient masters.


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News of the Art World

How to appreciate Sanyu? Expert tells you how to enjoy famous paintings

How to appreciate Sanyu? Expert tells you how to enjoy famous paintings. For those who claim to be an art collector would be proud to own a Sanyu's work. However, while it is important to see the market trend, if you only count the number of people in the frame in the exhibition room: one nude lady looking back, two nude ladies lying down, three nude ladies lazing, and four nude ladies lying down , even if Sanyu knew it, he would feel sorry that it is so difficult to find his soulmates.


As an art lover, how should one appreciate Sanyu?


Yi Shufan, Sotheby Taiwan's former chairman and The Li Ching Cultural & Educational Foundation current chairman, was the first person with the insight to bring Sanyu’s works to the international art market. For her, "Sanyu is the story teller of lines. What we appreciate are his lines and the feeling they create, but they happen to be drawn as women, animals, or flowers. Similarly, there are paintings of naked women or animals without lines, and what we appreciate then is the shape and the feeling that the shape creates.


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臘梅 CR135,1950s,油畫 纖維板,123 x 68 cm 以中文及法文簽於右下方.jpg
bi-monthly June to July)_14.jpg
Art Work by Our Art Consultant

Mr. Chidori Yukio | Art  Consultant

Our association's art consultant, Mr. Chidori Yukio, performed shakuhachi accompaniment, in the song 'Śramaṇa,' in partnership with Cantonpop singer, Panther Chan, at the recent event "CHILL CLUB Annual Recommendation List 21/22."".  The ancient shakuhachi was first introduced to Japan from the Tang Dynasty in China (Nara period in Japan).


The shakuhachi is a vertical wind instrument, and is an musical instrument used for emperor court music. Since the Meiji era, a large number of modern repertoires were created after absorbing elements of Western music and performed with Sakuhachi.  

HIYA supports various forms of artistic interaction. Members are welcome to share the latest art activities and works with us. Sharer will receive a delicate gift from HIYA, and member’s works can also be free publicity in HIYA. Our society will also assist members in organizing and holding individual exhibitions. Learn to know more about our latest art activities and HIYA, please follow our website and social medias.

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