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In the gentle radiance of February, art blooms like spring flowers, emitting a warm and hopeful glow. The artistic breeze of March, akin to the warmth of a spring day, awakens the creativity of the soul, weaving imagination and reality into a splendid canvas.

HIYA Event

Shape & Consciousness Exhibition-Hong Kong Artists' Gallery Orchestra (AGO) Music Performance and"Dance with Music & Arts "Sharing Session 

In the "Shape & Consciousness"Exhibition, we are honored to have the Hong Kong Artists' Gallery Orchestra (AGO) perform the world premiere of " Swipe for Two Violins" . During the sharing session, Mr. C.Fan, Vice President of HIYA, will give an impromptu painting demonstration accompanied by music. In the subsequent discussion segment, we will delve deeper into the backgrounds and creative philosophies of Ms. Stella Tsang and Mr. C.Fan, two talented artists. Their experiences and insights will enrich our understanding of art, ignite our creativity, and continue to explore the limitless possibilities of art. We hope that the audience will enjoy a unique artistic experience at this exhibition!


2023 “International Watercolor Festival Le Venezie”--Mr .C.Fan won the Excellence Award

The "“International Watercolor Festival Le Venezie" is a global celebration of watercolor art jointly initiated by the Municipal Hall of Treviso, Italy, the Italian Association for Cultural and Artistic Exchange, and "Sheng Xinyu Art" aiming to revive international watercolor art, which has been in a downturn due to the ravages of the pandemic。 Mr. C.Fan , Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society, has received acclaim for his unique watercolor technique and expressive artistry. His imaginative works are captivating. He received an Outstanding Award at the "International Watercolor Festival Le Venezie" and exhibited his artwork at Palazzo dei Trecento, a 14th-century landmark in Treviso, Italy, which houses the Treviso City Council. This recognition is a testament to his remarkable contributions to the field of watercolor art. He expressed that this award will inspire him to continue exploring watercolor art deeply and create more impressive works.

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Event Recommendations

Field Signs | Neo Rauch Solo Exhibition

Location: David Zwirner   5–6/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

Dates: 16 November 2023 – 24 February 2024 

Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00 (Tuesday to Saturday)


Widely celebrated as one of the most influential figurative painters working today, Rauch is known for richly colored and elaborate paintings that contain a repertoire of invented characters, settings, objects, and motifs. At once realistic and familiar, enigmatic and inscrutable, his paintings often hint at broader narratives and histories—seemingly reconnecting with the artistic traditions of realism—yet they are dreamlike and frequently contain disparate and overlapping spaces and forms.

This presentation follows his 2021 solo exhibition The Signpost at David Zwirner New York and marks his second solo show at the Hong Kong gallery, following his 2019 exhibition Propaganda. His work is the subject of the 2023 solo exhibition The Dream of Reason at Montpellier Contemporain, France, and Neo Rauch: Die Mitte, which was on view at Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, in the Netherlands, in 2022.

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Event Recommendations

Whispers of the Soul

Location: 53-55 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Dates:26 November 2023 – 4 February 2024 

Opening Hours:

Sunday - Thursday | 11AM to 7PM (By appointment only) 
Friday - Saturday | 11AM to 7PM (Open to Public)



Villepin is pleased to present Whispers of the Soul, an exhibition highlighting Australian-born American painter, Lawrence Carroll, in dialogue with works by Giorgio de Chirico, Giorgio Morandi, Cy Twombly, and photographer François Halard. The first presentation of Lawrence Carroll in Hong Kong, Whispers of the Soul is co-curated by Arthur de Villepin and Olivier Kaeppelin, an art critic and curator who served as Artistic Director of the Busan Biennale 2014 and was formerly Director of the Maeght Foundation. With the support of the artist’s wife Lucy Jones Carroll this exhibition serves as a tribute that transcends temporal, spatial, and aesthetic boundaries, and tells the story of the indelible mark the artist left on the world of contemporary art. Whispers of the Soul opens November 26, 2023.

The exhibition embarks on a journey that retraces Lawrence Carroll’s artistic evolution and draws focus into the artists and intellectual theories that significantly inspired Carroll’s creative process, examining the legacies of Giorgio de Chirico, Giorgio Morandi, Cy Twombly, and François Halard to explore the multiple complexities and possibilities of Carroll’s unique output. 

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Art World Information

Appreciation of a Segment from "To Alice" Performed by the Traditional Daoist Instrument Society "Jiangnan West Daoist Orchestra"


"Strength and Gentleness" by Mr. C.Fan Successfully Auctioned

Mr. C.Fan Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society, for the successful auction of his artwork 'Strength and Gentleness' in the Sotheby's Cultural and Artistic Greater China Auction. The uniqueness of this artwork lies in its ability to transcend the confines of materialism and delve into the realm of the spiritual, showcasing Mr. C.Fan distinctive artistic perspective and skills. This successful auction is a recognition of Mr. C.Fan creative talent. Look forward to more magnificent creations from in the future,bringing further surprises to the art world!


Knowledge Expansion

Knowledge Expansion | Quiz with Prizes


Is the number of spring couplets posted at the front door an odd number or an even number? Why?

If you know the answer, please inform us via WhatsApp at 90621702!

Those who answer correctly will receive a exquisite gift from the association!

Art Column

Chantelle Huang | Society Director of HIYA

Wood · Heart · Expression: A Journey Through Sculpture

Marisol, an artist with an exceptionally creative and unique artistic perspective, cleverly combines woodwork with drawing, oil painting, and found objects to create works that are both bizarre and satirical. With ingenious skill in wood carving, she transforms wood into lifelike artistic representations, resulting in a distinctive artistic style. In her series of works, Marisol delves into the roles and positions of women in society, drawing inspiration from this exploration to showcase profound insights into real-life experiences.

In her artworks, one can observe rich details and elements from contemporary life. Sculptural patterns and elements of attire are skillfully integrated into the surroundings and sides of her works, rendering them more three-dimensional and vibrant. While Marisol's works may not be considered exceptionally outstanding in today's art market, they undoubtedly possess a high degree of modernity within the context of their time.

I once had the opportunity to visit an exhibition at the Montreal Museum in Canada, which was centered around Marisol's art. It left a deep impression on me, underscoring that her artistic achievements deserve broader recognition. The exhibition presented Marisol's artistic journey and creative philosophy, providing us with a chance to gain a deeper understanding of this exceptionally talented artist.

In this exhibition characterized by its satirical and eccentric style, Marisol's works not only offer us artistic enjoyment but also encourage deeper contemplation of the real world while appreciating beauty. This exhibition serves as a window, allowing us to glimpse Marisol's unique insights into societal phenomena and her profound analysis of human nature.In this exhibition characterized by its satirical and eccentric style, Marisol's works not only offer us artistic enjoyment but also encourage deeper contemplation of the real world while appreciating beauty. This exhibition serves as a window, allowing us to glimpse Marisol's unique insights into societal phenomena and her profound analysis of human nature.

For friends who appreciate art, I encourage you to take some time to visit this exhibition and explore Marisol's artistic world together. Here, you can experience the enchanting charm of her distinctive creations and, at the same time, engage in profound reflections on our social reality and the diverse aspects of life. I believe that in this exhibition filled with creativity and contemplation, you will undoubtedly discover your own artistic insights.

Marisol's works, with their unique artistic style and societal significance, present us with a rich and diverse world of wood carving art. This exhibition is not just an artistic feast; it is also a journey of self-reflection. Let us collectively step into Marisol's artistic realm and appreciate the endless thoughts and revelations her captivating works bring to us.

Member's Artworks

Chen Shu Chuan, Lily | HIYA Member

Graffiti family Series


Materials and carriers tell stories together. Picking up the huge amount of residue caused by fluid acrylic, the graffiti family was born. The expedition team goes to the deepest, highest and furthest place, enjoying the journey and no longer being afraid.


HIYA supports various forms of artistic exchange. We welcome all members to submit and share their latest activities and works with us. Contributors will receive a exquisite gift from our association, and the works will also be promoted for free by the HIYA. Please stay tuned for more updates on our Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society's art events.

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