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February   to  March

February wind is gentle. Every living thing is awakening. The spring breeze is swaying lightly, transforming life to a new phase.
In March, the spring rain is misty, and the bamboo forest is so green. It is like an ink painting of smog and dream, interpreting the meaning of life.
HIYA Events

Special Presentation of ‘Art Festival –A Continued Tradition’

The “Art Festival · The Continued Tradition” Exhibition has been successfully held earlier in the Hong Kong City Hall. Different designs of costumes were displayed in the exhibition. For example, Arthur lam mixed and matched the characteristic design elements of the 18th century Victorian style to design a long skirt with layered Lace and wide frills. In addition, there are Tina Fu's dresses that combined modern and traditional styles, which integrate ink elements into modern dresses. And more, inspired by the costume elements of the opera Farewell My Concubine, Ms. Yu Hua used the colors on the costume, embroidery and hemming to make the cheongsam. Finally, Celia Wong's secondary creation used old clothes and fashion accessories to create a playful fashion dress. The final high light was Qian Peiling, in brightly colored costumes, with graceful dancing postures, demonstrated Cantonese Opera hand gestures, conveying the spirit of traditional Chinese culture.

Past HIYA Events

Spring Festival Couplets for the Year of the Rabbit - Home-School Parent-Child Calligraphy Workshop

Jointly organized by HIYA and ArtNgo, the Home-School Parent-Child Calligraphy Workshop held at the Fringe Club on January 15, 2023 (Sunday) has come to a successful conclusion! Under the guidance of several calligraphy teachers, parents and children wrote their wishes for the New Year with brushes. More than a dozen South Asian children also came to the workshop. Besides brushing Spring Festival couplets and promoting Chinese culture, international cultural exchanges are also a major focus of this event.  This workshop prepared sessions for writing the "Fu (福)" character, brushing Spring Festival couplets, writing red envelopes, etc.  The event also set up several check-in points on the spot that provided photographers taking pictures for the participants. The workshop provided nice looking bags for the participants to bring their works home.

Event Recommendations

 Enduring Strength and Passion: The Chinese and Western Art of Ting Yin Yung

Venue: 1/F, 3/F Galleries (JC Contemporary) F Hall, Old Bailey St, Central, Hong Kong

Dates and Time: 24 Dec 2022 - 10 Apr 2023 Tue–Sun | 11am–7pm


The University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, is honoured to present Enduring Strength and Passion: The Chinese and Western Art of Ting Yin Yung, a retrospective exhibition of Master Ting’s multifaceted work in commemoration of his 120th anniversary. A native of Maoming county in Guangdong province, Ting Yin Yung (1902–1978) studied Western painting in Tokyo at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in the early 1920s. He returned to Mainland China in 1925 and emigrated to Hong Kong in 1949, where he further developed his artistic practice.

Ting’s painterly styles vary widely. He excelled at figure paintings and abstract depictions that are indicative of Western influence. His figures bring to mind his study of form and volume—a principal of Cubism—whereas other works are rendered in strong and contrasting colours—a characteristic of Fauvism. Master Ting consistently aimed to reconcile the techniques and characteristics of Western and Chinese approaches to painting.

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Event Recommendations

 Art | Basel Hong Kong March 23 – 25 2023

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Date: 23–25 March 2023

Time:    Opening Night 23 March 2023 12:00-20:00   

             Open to the public 24 March 2023 12:00-20:00    

              25 March 2023 11:00-18:00


Art Basel Hong Kong 2023 will feature 177 exhibitors from 32 countries and territories. This year edition marks the return of Encounters, the fair’s sector dedicated to large-scale works. Exhibitors will also present works in the Galleries, Insights, Discoveries, Film, and Kabinett sectors.

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News of the Art World

 Vermeer's Picture-inside-Picture Method

It is not uncommon to see a picture-inside-picture in many of Vermeer's and his contemporaries' paintings of interior scenes, as it was popular among the Dutch middle class to hang pictures on interior walls as decoration. Generally, people don't particularly think of these picture-inside-picture themes as having special significance. But in some cases, notably in Vermeer's paintings, even opponents of the iconographic approach to art history admit that there is a deliberate relationship between the "everyday" foreground scene and these picture-inside-picture subjects. 

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Knowledge Expansion

Knowledge expansion/Pop Quiz


What is the symbolic meaning of the paper-cut art of the Lantern Festival?

If you have the answer, please let us know via WhatsApp 90621702.  People who get the correct answer will receive a nice gift from HIYA.

Art Work by Our Members 

Wang ShuRui | HIYA Member

Recently, Wang Shurui, a member of the association, became the world's first visualized encryption art artist of ancient Chinese poetry, and thus successfully broke a world record, and was awarded the title of "the world's first visualized encryption art artist of ancient Chinese poetry" certified by Finland's Onison World Records.


Wang Shurui (Wang Rui) participated in the Macau International Illustration Competition and was a prize winner, As a result, her works were exhibited in Macau. She exhibited her art works in the Paris Air Woodland Art Exhibition. She was an award winner in the 2nd China Digital Art Expo (Chengdu Station). Wang also participated in Chinese Artists Celebrating the Year of China--A Message to China 2023 Contemporary Art Exhibition as well as the first China "Abstract" exhibition. Wang’s works were exhibited in the Hans Christian Andersen (International) Art Award Exhibition held in Denmark. Her works were exhibited in the National touring exhibition of boiling copper art in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other major cities.


Traditional Chinese ancient poetry, typically in the form of concise language and dense rules, is a literary art that expounds the soul.  The feelings and consciousness expressed by the poet is full of emotion and color. Now that we can make ancient poems into visualized encrypted art, we hope this art from will make them better inherited and promoted.

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Mutual Aid Wall

Mutual Aid and Cooperation Platform | Recruitment of volunteers

The Hong Kong International Young Artists Association (HIYA) is a non-profit organization registered by the government. It is committed to helping young people who are interested in art development. HIYA has held various art exhibitions in the past and will continue to hold regular art exhibitions in the future.  As a result, HIYA needs many volunteers to help the association. The details are as follows:

-Graphic Designer - Job Description: Designing promotional poster and other printed items - Facebook 、IG post design

-Art exhibition staff - Job Description: Assist in the preparation of art exhibitions - help setting up and dismantling of exhibitions - maintaining the operation of the exhibition hall and managing the flow of people

HIYA is hoping you will join us soon!

HIYA supports various forms of artistic interaction. Members are welcome to share the latest art activities and works with us. Sharer will receive a delicate gift from HIYA, and member’s works can also be free publicity in HIYA.  Learn to know more about our latest art activities and HIYA, please follow our website and social medias.

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