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December 2023

As the year draws to a close, December arrives with enchantment and mystery. The dazzling Christmas lights illuminate the city, transforming it into a vast piece of art.

January welcomes a fresh start, akin to an awaiting canvas for vibrant brushstrokes. The new year unfolds, bringing hope and renewal.

Past HIYA Event

Shape & Consciousness exhibition

The "Shape & Consciousness " exhibition successfully took place at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre from November 23rd to 27th, 2023. We extend our gratitude to all participants, partners, and volunteers for their contributions. The event provided numerous opportunities for creative expression, including art exhibitions, music performances, workshops, and more. Participants showcased their creativity, sparking innovative thinking in others.

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The "Shape & Consciousness " Exhibition - Opening Ceremony


The opening ceremony will be held at 3:00 PM on November 24, 2023. This exhibition will feature the works of 19 artists through various media such as painting, sculpture, photography, and videography, showcasing their interpretations and expressions of "stream of consciousness" and "Shape," promoting exchange and collaboration among global artists.

“Shape & Consciousness” Exhibition-Ceramics Workshop

Ceramic art is integrated with painting, sculpture, decoration and other artistic forms, and intervenes in contemporary art creation in an all-round way. Therefore, at this exhibition, the director of Lam Hoi Yi (Artist)Instructor was invited to bring a wonderful pottery activity on the morning of November 25, so that everyone can enjoy the exhibition at the same time, but also have the opportunity to participate in the creation of pottery art, stimulate everyone's creativit and artistic potential, and understand the wonderful aspects of pottery activities.

“Shape & Consciousness”Exhibition-Hong Kong Artists' GalleryOrchestra (AGO)Music Performance and "Dance with Music & Arts " Sharing session

In the "Shape & Consciousness" exhibition, we had the honor of inviting the Hong Kong Artists'Gallery Orchestra (AGO) Music the Swipe for Two Violins World Premiere. During the sharing session, Mr. Fan Chun, the Vice President of the Association, conducted an impromptu painting demonstration accompanied by music. In the subsequent dialogue, we delved deeper into the backgrounds and artistic philosophies of Ms.Stella TSANG and Mr. Fan Chun, two prominent artists. Their experiences and insights have ignited our understanding of art and inspired our creativity, enriching our lives and encouraging us to continue exploring the boundless possibilities of art. We hope that the audience will enjoy a unique artistic experience at this exhibition!

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 Past HIYA Events

"Embracing Past and Present" Dual Exhibition by Chuen Wa Hung and Zhen Guo Zhang

The dual exhibition "Embracing Past and Present" by Chuen Wa Hung and Zhen Guo Zhang,highly anticipated by the calligraphy and art communities both domestically and abroad, grandly held from November 9th to November 30th at the Mingzong Calligraphy Art Museum.Both artists also serve as artistic advisors to the Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society. In this exhibition, Mr Chuen Wa Hung will showcase his recent works, including hundreds of seals, the wild cursive style of Huai Su, Han dynasty calligraphy, mixed media calligraphy, English calligraphy, and calligraphic installations, among others. Mr Zhen Guo Zhang will exhibit around 30 rubbings, including Buddha statues, sutra pillars, Jin Hui Dui (decorative pieces), inkstones, and portrait bricks. The inscriptions will incorporate various styles such as Small Seal Script, Seal Script, Clerical Script, and Wei Stele Script, demonstrating respect for traditional calligraphy. These inscriptions will also be supplemented with running script annotations to express their sentiments. This exhibition promises to be a highly anticipated and splendid event eagerly awaited by the calligraphy and art communities worldwide.

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Event Recommendations

Jakkai Siributr: Everybody Wanna Be Happy

Location: CHAT/MILL6 Foundation The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

Dates: November 11, 2023 - February 13, 2024

Opening Hours: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Closed on Tuesdays


In Winter Programme 2023, CHAT hosts the solo exhibition of acclaimed Thai contemporary artist, Jakkai Siributr. The exhibition offers a retrospective of Siributr’s artistic practice spanning two decades, featuring wall-hanging and sculptural pieces, as well as an ongoing workshop for refugees in Thailand. The exhibition presents a stimulating commentary on the pressing contemporary issues in Thailand and abroad.

The exhibition starts with his early textile piece, Untitled (2005), which presents the genealogy of textile/fibre art established through a separation from textile craft. Since then, he has proactively created the works with embroidery, patchwork and quilting to make critical commentaries on abusive power in Thai society and draw attention to unheard voices.

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Event Recommendations

Titian and the Venetian Renaissance from the Uffizi

Location: 10 Salisbury Road Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Hong Kong  Hong Kong Musume of  Art  The Special Gallery, 2/F

Date: November 3, 2023 – February 28, 2024

Time: Monday to Wednesday, Friday (10:00 am – 6:00 pm), Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays (10:00 am – 7:00 pm)

Fees: $30 (Standard ticket)│$21 (Group ticket)│$15 (Concession ticket)│Free (Museum Pass)



      With its labyrinth of intricate canals and gondolas, Venice during the Renaissance was a picture of serenity. As the shimmering waves from the canals intertwine with the haze of the romantic hues reflected from the surrounding architecture, the lingering elegance and splendour of the city was ever more present. Once an important trading and cultural hub, the enchanting lagoon city brought together merchants, voyagers, scholars and artists from all over the world. It was from this affluent setting and unique cultural atmosphere that came the birth of the Venetian School of painters, who were renowned for the use of rich colours and the profound depiction of human emotions through exceptional artistic abilities.  

This exhibition showcases the world-renowned collection of the Uffizi in Italy, featuring classic works by Titian and other Venetian master painters, such as Giorgione, Tintoretto and Veronese. Highlight exhibits include Titian’s Flora and Venus and Cupid with a Dog and a Partridge, Giorgione’s Moses Undergoing Trial by Fire, Tintoretto’s Venus, Cupid and Vulcan and Veronese’s Baptism of Christ among others. All 50 exhibits are displayed in Hong Kong for the first time, many of which have never been previously exhibited in Asia.

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Art World Information

Sanyu's "Naked Woman Lying on a Carpet" won the HK $187 million, 2023 Christie's Hong Kong Autumn Sale "20th and 21st Century Art"

2023 Christie's Hong Kong Autumn Sale held its "Post-Millennium Evening Sale" and "20th and 21st Century Art Evening Sale" on 28 November, bringing in a total turnover of HK $812.22 million. A total of HK $118.34 million was raised at the first Post-Millennium Evening auction, which featured Adrian. Adrian Ghenie's 'Lidless Eye' fetched the highest price of HK $42.725 million. This was followed by the "20th and 21st Century Evening Sale", which brought in a total of nearly HK $694 million, with the blockbuster piece Sanyu's "Naked Woman Lying on her Side on a Carpet" changing owners for HK $187.375 million, also setting the fourth highest auction price for a nude work by Sanyu.

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Knowledge Expansion

Knowledge Expansion | Quiz with Prizes


Which country does this Merry Christmas artwork originate from? Who is the artist?

If you know the answer, please inform us via WhatsApp at 90621702!

Those who answer correctly will receive a exquisite gift from the association!

Art Column

Chantelle Huang | Society Director of HIYA

One stroke, one world; one thought, one state of mind.

This time, we will take you into the remarkable 50th anniversary of Sotheby's landing in Asia, where the passionate flame of art burns bright! The Sotheby's Autumn Auction in Hong Kong will allow you to glimpse numerous artistic treasures and witness the birth of auction history. Among them is Amedeo Modigliani's "Paulette Jourdain," which achieved the highest price ever recorded in Asian auction history, leaving spectators in awe! For countless art collectors, Sotheby's has always played an intermediary role in preserving their precious legacies. In this exhibition, much anticipation surrounds the artworks by Master Walasse Ting.

With a graceful demeanor, one moves through the blossoming garden of art. The visual impact of this painting is akin to stepping into a vibrant and colorful dream. The artist not only safeguards the purity and devotion of the artistic soul with utmost strength but also conveys their emotions to the viewers, immersing us in their work.

Walasse Ting “Seven Beauties”

The artwork is filled with bright, contrasting colors that seem to illuminate the entire canvas, making the world more vibrant and colorful. These luminous colors evoke a sense of warmth and vitality, as if the sunlight has poured onto my soul. The artist's unique creative technique is also awe-inspiring. In addition to ink brushstrokes, Walasse Ting skillfully incorporates techniques such as dripping and splattering, blending abstraction with representation. This combination of styles gives his work a sense of liveliness and energy, with each brushstroke brimming with creativity and inspiration.

Walasse Ting “A Lots of Sunshine Here”

Expressive and yet full of freedom, it combines the boldness of Western modern art with the tenderness of traditional Chinese ink wash painting. This fusion demonstrates the artist's respect and understanding for diverse cultures and artistic traditions, creating captivating works. Through the combination of acrylic colors and ink wash, this choice of medium renders his works more vivid and colorful, each painting bearing a unique texture and depth.

Walasse Ting “Winds Sing Song”

Expressive and yet freehand, the artwork combines the boldness of Western modern art with the tenderness of traditional Chinese ink painting. This fusion demonstrates the artist's respect and understanding of different cultures and artistic traditions, resulting in mesmerizing works. By blending acrylic colors with ink, this choice of medium makes his artworks more vivid and vibrant, each painting possessing a unique texture and depth.

Member's Artworks

Trista Zhu | HIYA Member

Congratulations to Ms. Trista Zhu, a member of HIYA, on her successful exhibition at the 5th Floor Exhibition Hall of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre from 11 to 16 October.

Trista Zhu can't recall exactly when her passion for art began. It initially started with photography, capturing not just the typical landscapes but also the diverse individuals she encountered on the streets. She would imagine the different lives they led. Later, she ventured into oil painting, finding that the richness of oil colors allowed her to express her photographic works in a deeper and more unique manner.

HIYA supports various forms of artistic exchange. We welcome all members to submit and share their latest activities and works with us. Contributors will receive a exquisite gift from our association, and the works will also be promoted for free by the HIYA. Please stay tuned for more updates on our Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society's art events.

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