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The exhibition "Art Festival – The Continued Tradition" has been successfully concluded. Due to the overwhelming response, the Association will hold an extension tomorrow, retaining a number of traditional Chinese art works and continuing to exhibit them. Audiences who have not been able to come here before can also seize this opportunity to enjoy various wonderful masterpieces together.

“Art Festival - The Continued Tradition", an exhibition organized by the Hong Kong International Young Artists Society, and it also includes the fusion of modern design culture to present the tradition in a new and "local" way, so that the public can appreciate and understand the uniqueness of traditional art from another perspective. Therefore, we have invited two guests to share their points of view in the sharing session. The first guest is artist Lee Yim Fong, and the second guest is another young artist Cheung Yiu Hong, both of whom are unique in their art fields.

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Art Sharing 2


Contemporary Artist, Michael Andrew Law

Contemporary Artist, John McArthur


The extended exhibition to preserve a number of traditional Chinese art works, and continue to exhibit and convey their cultural significance.

Special Presentation of ‘Art Festival –A Continued Tradition’

The ‘Art Festival –A Continued Tradition’ Exhibition was successfully held in the Hong Kong City Hall, where different costume designs were exhibited, such as Arthur Lam's Lace-trimmed dresses with a layered look, mixing elements of 18th century Victorian design. Tina Fu's modern mix with traditional concept dress was also on display, incorporating ink elements into modern dresses. Of course, there is also Ms. Yu's Cheongsam, which is based on the costume elements of Farewell My Concubine on stage, using colors from the costume, embroidery and bundled edges. Last but not least, there was Celia Wong's second creation of a playful fashion outfit with used costumes and fashion accessories. There was also a performance by Sin Pui Ling in a brightly colored costume with beautiful dance moves, which exemplified the spirit of traditional Chinese culture.


In a recent article published in the December 24 of Sing Pao Daily, President of HIYA, Ms. Chantelle Wong, wrote about the significance of passing on the art tradition. In particular, the spirit of Chinese painting is rooted in the aesthetic values of the Chinese people. In this way, painting depends first and foremost on whether the painter has a sense of the time in which he lives, in order to reveal a unique understanding and a different imagination. Thanks to this activity of passing on the art classics, Chinese culture and art can be extended. The wisdom of ancient art and culture are the basic root of Chinese culture and Chinese spirit, and are the treasures that we should pass on continuously.

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