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This exhibition is dominated by the ink creations exhibited by the experience artists of our association and promote traditional history and culture. At the same time, it also displays traditional Chinese opera, paintings and installation art. In addition to traditional art, we also hope to popularize traditional Chinese art and make the public feel the meaning and culture. There will be many works of art and even related costumes on display.

Art Festival - The Continued Tradition

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       The exhibition was successfully held from 26 November to 29 November 2022 at the Exhibition Hall, 1/F, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall. On the first day of the exhibition, our Association invited Mr. Wong Pui Kong, the famous designer Arthur Lam, Mr. He and Mr. Ho as the officiating guests to kick off our meaningful Art Festival.

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On the second day of the exhibition, our association invited fashion consultant Celia Wong to create a second creation with the audience to deepen the interaction between the audience and the exhibition. Audiences can design their own unique eco-bags, which can not only be used in daily life, but also fully express their creative side.

HIYA organised an art tour group at the exhibition "Art Festival - The Continued Tradition", led by Mr. Tang Kwok Fai. During the process, Mr. Tang described the meaning, structure and creative process in detail behind the different works in the venue. It was fortunate to have the support of many audiences, and other artists briefly described their works along the way. The audience can gain a deeper understanding of the concept of this exhibition and the meaning and value of each work, which is of great benefit.

In this exhibition, we let Xiang Yu meet Yu Ji again. For the exhibition, we invited famous fashion designers to design clothes inspired by Chinese opera as a tribute to the art of Chinese opera.

Both Arthur Lam and Mary Yu have designed and produced pieces inspired by the Chinese opera, Farewell My Concubine, which will allow Xiang Yu to meet Yu Ji in 2022 in the new form of fashion.

When Xiang Yu met Yu Ji again

       We are honored to invite Mr. Louis To, an intangible cultural heritage artist, and Ms. Chantelle Wong, the director of the society, to share art with us. Mr. Louis To’s works are collected in exhibition halls in New York, France and other places, and his works have been exhibited abroad recently. He has rich artistic qualifications. 


Ms. Chantelle Huang was interviewed by ViuTV

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