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In April, art is the interweaving of colors and the transformation of forms. Feel the delicacy and beauty of every aspect of art with heart. May is the season of blooming flowers, as well as the moment of art's blossom. With all things growing, infinite sparks of creativity are ignited.


Chairman of HIYA Mr. Fung Kui-kei on receiving the Certificate of Commendation

Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs’ Commendation Scheme Presentation Ceremony 2023 Awards Ceremony held successfully on March 5, 2024. Mr. Fung Kui-kei Chairman of the Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society, is hereby Commendation for his dedicated service and outstanding contributions to promotion of community building and improving the community environment!


Ms. Chantelle Huang, the President of the Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society, on the successful auction of her work "Untitled Series"

Ms. Chantelle Huang, the President of the Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society, on the successful auction of her work "Untitled Series" at Sotheby's Cultural and Artistic Greater China Auction, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy category. As one of the founders of the Stream of Consciousness Art Movement, Ms. Chantelle Huang work consistently reflects rationality and the independent thinking of modern women. Her creative process is spontaneous, without pre-planning, and her brush moves freely as her self-consciousness changes, resulting in profound interpretations of the unique perspectives on the inner spiritual world and real-life。

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Event Recommendations

Chromaflux | New media art exhibition 

Dates: 24th March 2024 – 30 April 2024

Time: 6:00pm – 11:00pm (360s/hour)

Location: Sino LuminArt Facade (Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre, 66 & 68 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui)


In response to Hong Kong Arts Month, Sun Hung Kai Properties partnered with local non-profit arts organization HKwalls for the second time to participate in the Hong Kong Street Art Festival. They staged the "Chromaflux Flowing Light and Shadow" new media art exhibition on the Sun Hung Kai Light and Shadow Art Walls located at the center of Tsim Sha Tsui and Empire Centre. Five groups of overseas and local artists were invited to create works integrating color, dynamic visual effects, and innovative digital art. The exhibition took place from March 24 to May 5, 2024, on one of the largest 4000-square-meter multimedia walls on the Victoria Harbour waterfront. "Chromaflux Flowing Light and Shadow" is also one of the exhibitions of the "Art@Victoria Harbour 2024" outdoor art project on both sides of Victoria Harbour, complementing the large outdoor installations by Team Lab currently exhibited in Central. Additionally, several shopping malls and commercial buildings under the group also participated in this March event, injecting vitality into the Hong Kong arts and cultural scene through a series of exhibitions and activities, including the Central Harbourfront's eco-friendly art market, street art creations in Lee Tung Avenue, and exhibitions held in Landmark South's art space and galleries.

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Event Recommendations

CHAT's Special Exhibition - Frog Carnival 2024

CHAT's Special Exhibition - Frog Carnival 2024

Location: Nan Fung Textiles Mill, Fabrica Block

Date: March 16th to May 19th, 2024

Time: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

"Frog Carnival 2024" is a large-scale interactive ink installation inviting the public to participate. Renowned artist Kwok Mang-ho (Frog King Kwok) combines calligraphy, ink, and oil painting in his signature eclectic style, creating a variety of works on mixed media including fabric, leading visitors into an imaginative art carnival. Frog King Kwok's unique artistic concept and philosophy, embodied by the theme of "frog," introduce the idea of "Frogtopia" and advocate for the integration of art and life. He promotes the belief that "art is frog," "art is life, life is art," and the concept of "AnyDimension" (meaning any dimension) in creation. Throughout the exhibition, Frog King Kwok will personally host "Frog Play 2024" within the art installation at Fabrica, inviting the public to interact with his ink artworks using recycled materials, and immerse themselves in a creative and playful space to experience his "Frogtopia" world firsthand!

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Art World Information

How did Hong Kong, once known as a "cultural desert," become an Asian art hub?

Magnus Renfrew, who served as the director of Art Basel Hong Kong and Art HK until 2015, stated in an interview, "Hong Kong has a sound legal and financial system; its geographical location as the center of Asia, connecting the East and West; quality hotels, diverse service industries, and an English-speaking environment make Hong Kong extremely potential to develop into an art capital." In fact, in 1974 and 1986, international art auction houses Sotheby's and Christie's respectively shifted their focus from Taipei to Hong Kong for their Asian operations. Following this, art galleries in Hong Kong sprouted like mushrooms after the rain. The allure of the city's economy has led many internationally renowned galleries to choose Hong Kong as their base for distributing art in Asia. This, along with other factors, has propelled Hong Kong to surpass cities such as Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing, and even Taiwan. The acquisition of Art HK by the Basel Group further solidified Hong Kong's position as the trading hub for art in Asia. In such a scenario, it becomes a challenge to delineate the development of Hong Kong's art essence from within itself.

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Knowledge Expansion

Knowledge Expansion | Quiz with Prizes

Whose painting is this of spring? What river scene does it depict?

If you know the answer, please inform us via WhatsApp at 90621702!

Those who answer correctly will receive a exquisite gift from the association!

Art Column

Chantelle Huang | Society Director of HIYA

The warm sun rising above the cold land.

In the frigid lands of Canada, there exists an artist with a unique inspiration. Her brush captures the mysterious essence of the Pacific Northwest Coast. She is none other than Emily Carr. In this land embraced by nature, she is not just a painter but also a shining star in Canadian art history.

Carr, with her unique style blending modernism and post-impressionism, eloquently narrates the beauty of Canada's nature. "Indian Church" is one of her most famous masterpieces, portraying not only indigenous culture but also a profound appreciation for the landscape. Yet, she did not confine herself to established artistic paths. Instead, she later shifted her focus to the scenic beauty of nature, particularly the mysterious scenes of the forest. In Carr's paintings, the forests, beaches, and skies are depicted vividly from her distinctive perspective, outlining the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest Coast. She intricately integrates the local people with nature in her own unique way, creating a refined Pacific myth in her imagination. This painting technique and pursuit of visual quality make her works one of the most captivating representatives in Canadian art.

On Emily Carr's canvas, we witness a unique understanding and representation of Canadian indigenous culture. She was one of the earliest artists to attempt capturing the Canadian spirit in a modern style, using her works to narrate a story bridging indigenous and Western cultures. In this vast and cold land, her artistic culture is like a warm hue, unique and unforgettable.

She is not just a painter but also an icon of Canada. Her works are not just individual paintings but also heartfelt praises to this land and its local culture. In the cold of Canada, her art shines like a warm ray of sunshine, illuminating the artistic sky of Canada.

Member's Artworks

Chen Shu Chuan, Lily | HIYA Member

During primary school, Lily's art teacher told her, "Just focus on painting for the rest of your life." Later, she studied psychology and worked various jobs until her retirement at the end of 2019, when she finally began painting. In recent years, with many events unfolding on Earth, Lily's home has transformed into a small studio where she can paint for four to eight hours daily. She never attended art school as a student; instead, she encountered the nourishment of creativity in life and continues to paint without ceasing.

Creative Philosophy

Stay pure and authentic, never stop creating. Utilize any available materials for creation, willingly practice, but avoid self-repetition. Strive to overcome the obstacles in each painting, conveying happiness and ease without being bound by dreams.


"Listening to the Bell of Hope" Series 1: Sky

Year: 2023

Medium: Watercolor, mixed media, colored pencils

Dimensions: 39x27cm


The sky is the ocean's past, and the ocean writes a letter to its past self: Is there still a way out of the maze? At the end of the winding staircase, amidst the beautiful and eerie blood-red sky, I put on my helmet.

"Listening to the Bell of Hope" Series 2: Ocean

Year: 2023

Medium: Watercolor, mixed media, colored pencils

Dimensions: 39x27cm


The ocean is the land's past, and the land writes a letter to its former self: Has hope become distant? As the small boat retrieves treasures floating in the icy blue, I strive to climb higher and protect my mindset.


HIYA supports various forms of artistic exchange. We welcome all members to submit and share their latest activities and works with us. Contributors will receive a exquisite gift from our association, and the works will also be promoted for free by the HIYA. Please stay tuned for more updates on our Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society's art events.

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