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April to May

April’s clear water conveys emotions, with mountains and hills overlapping in greenery, and flowers everywhere dyeing the picture of life.
In May, the sky is calm, and plants are happy, blooming among the lush grass and flowers, creating a pure and innocent creative atmosphere.
HIYA Events

Memory of Touch “不忘‧初心”

The Memory of Touch exhibition organized by the Association will be held from May 5th to May 8th, 2023 at Exhibition Hall 2-3 of the Hong Kong Central Library. Remember that moment that blew your mind? The moment you will never forget? People, times, places, and objects will touch people's memories of unforgettable moments, even collective memories of everyone. How will the artists interpret the events and moods through art? In artistic creation, keep in mind your original intention, fully display your unique style and creativity, present the unique works of art of exhibitors, including paintings, sculptures, music, short films, etc., and encourage the integration of modern elements. Please look forward to it!

Past HIYA Events

Spring Orchestra

On February 26 (Sunday), the Hong Kong International Young Artists Society held the "Spring Orchestra". The performance of Hong Kong Artists’ Gallery Orchestra was very exciting and the repertoire was rich and attractive. Thanks again for coming, and hope you all have a great start to this spring!

Event Recommendations

Affordable Art Fair 2003 - Exhibition

Venue: Hall 1E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai

Opening Night:Thursday 18 May, 4pm – 9pm Public

Opening Hours:

Friday 19 May, 11am – 8pm

Saturday 20 May, 10am – 7pm

Sunday 21 May, 10am – 7pm

Family Morning:

Saturday 20 May, 10am – 12pm

Sunday 21 May, 10am – 12pm   

Affordable Art Fair celebrates its 10th anniversary in Hong Kong, and invites the public to discover the joy of collecting art at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from May 18 to 21, 2023. With the gradual recovery of international travel, this must-see art fair has a strong lineup, presenting a diverse range of local and international galleries and exhibitors, and displaying more than 1,000 carefully selected contemporary art works.

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Event Recommendations

he Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Joan Miró — The Poetry of Everyday Life

Venue: The Special Gallery, 2/F 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 

Date: 3 March to 28 June 2023

Time: Mon=Wed, Fri 10:00-18:00

Sat and Public Holidays 10:00-19:00

Thursday (Except public holidays) Closed


Along with Picasso and Dali, Joan Miró was one of the three most renowned Spanish artists of the 20th century.  Joan Miró’s love for all kinds of everyday objects and their intrinsic poetic qualities is apparent throughout his long and fruitful career. Linking art to life was one of his greatest aspirations, which was realized by his unique ability to perceive the poetic qualities possessed by the most humble of objects. This exhibition presents 94 artworks (including paintings, sculptures, drawings, textiles, lithographs, posters) and audio-visual materials, many of which come from the Fundació Joan Miró, an institution founded by Miró himself in 1975.

To complement the exhibition, the Museum has invited local artists GayBird and Leelee Chan to create installations in response to Miró’s art, and local illustrator Zoie Lam to create Miró-inspired illustrations for an education booklet and a special display with elements of augmented reality effects. Artworks from the Museum’s own collection are also showcased in juxtaposition with Miró’s art to create a unique dialogue between the East and the West.

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News of the Art World

Lee Ufan丨Everything is in "The Beauty of Blank Space"

Lee Ufan, born in South Korea in 1936 in the mountains of Gyeongnam, studied calligraphy, poetry and painting at Kyungnam College and Seoul National University. He is one of the most important theorists and practitioners of the avant-garde art genre "Mono-ha". "

Influenced by both his growth environment and his educational environment, Lee Ufan integrated the process of artistic creation and philosophical thinking, and believed that the ultimate concept of an art work lies in "encounter", that is, the connection between the work, the viewer, and the current space is a one-off “Encounter" dynamic process. Regardless of the medium of the work, he always believes that the layout and texture are more worthy of attention than the formal elements - because there is an invisible "resonant connection" between the material of the work and the surrounding environment. Although most of his works have a powerful image, the viewer seems to be easily drawn into this large "gravitational field", which instantly evokes a sense of tranquility.

His paintings are good at expressing the beginning and end of life with dots and lines, which incorporate his unique philosophical views and are full of meaning. For him, a blank canvas is the infinite universe of creation, while repeated painting movements are the expression of personal cultivation, from which art is born.

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Knowledge Expansion

Knowledge expansion/Pop Quiz


"Spring" is a famous painting created by Italian painter Botticelli (1482). He took the long poem of the poet Politian as the theme.

Which goddess is this poem in praise of?

If you have the answer, please let us know via WhatsApp 90621702.  People who get the correct answer will receive a nice gift from HIYA.

Art column

Chantelle Huang, HIYA Chief Operating Officer

Starting from art to explore artist Shui Hetian's outlook on life

      As an art lover, I often visit various art exhibitions to explore the works of different artists. Appreciating works of art is not only my hobby in leisure time, but also can broaden my artistic vision and get enlightenment and inspiration from it. Recently, there was a painter whose work impressed me very much.


      I believe that most people in Hong Kong are familiar with the artist Shui Hetian. Over the years, his photographs and paintings have a unique and natural style, and they are timeless. Recently I had the opportunity to view one of his works, "Big Thousand Worlds". When viewing this painting, two interpretations of the work come to mind. In the painting, with dark and light colors, it is very freehand to see the lotus and leaves floating on the lake with gentle ripples. After looking at the painting carefully, I took a step back and when I looked at the work in a macro view, I saw a paddy field and small animals. This reminds me that it has something to do with the artist's name Shuihetian, as well as the origin of the universe and the meaning of Buddha-nature.


       In addition to my appreciation of Shui Hetian’s extraordinary artistic creations, I also admire him for his love and righteousness. Artist Shui Hetian once painted and filmed clips for a senior artist who he cherishes as a teacher and friend, in order to make his friend’s art exhibition more impressive and attractive. He often presented his paintings free for fundraising activities to helped the disadvantaged.  He is just a very charitable person.


       Shui Hetian is not only full of cultural heritage, but also a person with both moral character and integrity. We not only need to learn from him in terms of art, but also the way he treats people. 

Art Work by Our Members 

JC Jessie |  HIYA Member

The work is called "In Dialogue" and was created by artist JC Jessie. The Chinese opera stage is a place to tell stories, and Jessie’s "stage series" paintings tell stories about life through the material culture of the Cantonese Opera Costume. There is no doubt in any opera performance about the significance of “Costume”. JC Jessie’s art is rooted in the Materials Cultural of Cantonese Opera Costumes research, one of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong, where a strong linkage between her family ties

Mutual Aid Wall

Mutual Aid and Cooperation Platform | Recruitment of volunteers


The Hong Kong International Young Artists Association (HIYA) is a non-profit organization registered by the government. It is committed to helping young people who are interested in art development. HIYA has held various art exhibitions in the past and will continue to hold regular art exhibitions in the future.  As a result, HIYA needs many volunteers to help the association. The details are as follows:

-Graphic Designer - Job Description: Designing promotional poster and other printed items - Facebook 、IG post design

-Art exhibition staff - Job Description: Assist in the preparation of art exhibitions - help setting up and dismantling of exhibitions - maintaining the operation of the exhibition hall and managing the flow of people

Urgency: HIYA need you mid April to early May.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping young artists, please contact us through WhatsApp 90621702.

HIYA is hoping you will join us soon!


HIYA supports various forms of artistic interaction. Members are welcome to share the latest art activities and works with us. Sharer will receive a delicate gift from HIYA, and member’s works can also be free publicity in HIYA.  Learn to know more about our latest art activities and HIYA, please follow our website and social medias.

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