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April to May  

In April, catkins were flying, like a graceful dancing butterfly, swirling in the golden halo, falling lightly, falling between the eyebrows, and falling into people’s palms.

May, like water tenderness, sitting leisurely on the shoulders of late spring, the warm sunshine spilled into my heart, stirring the artistic journey in the depths of my soul.
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曲腿裸女 CR43,1950s_60s,油畫 纖維板,150 x 150 cm 以中文及法文簽於右下方.jpg
bi-monthly (April to May)_02.jpg
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The five senses experience stream of consciousness

This exhibition brings visitors the linkage and fantasy of various senses with the experience of five senses. In the venue, light music is used to set off the extension of Parisian music, and the relaxed atmosphere is used to relax the mind, triggering the inspiration of the infinite concept. The lighting changes between warm and cold, and viewing the paintings under different lighting will also bring different feelings. Visually appreciate The Stream of Consciousness and Sanyu's paintings. A portamento is placed in the center of the venue, so that everyone can use the sense of touching to restore the frequency of brain waves, heartbeat, breathing and other frequencies to a good balance again, so as to better understand the shape of the stream of consciousness. Visitors will also use their sense of smell to deepen their understanding of the paintings. Artists of the conscious genre create genre paintings with an elegant and relaxed feeling. Therefore, the area of stream of consciousness will be dominated by elegant chamomile, which is filled with spirituality, hope and virtue. Chamomile is used to amplify the spiritual aspect of the Stream of Consciousness since the organization was founded within the home of SaiKung. Let us hope that after visiting the exhibition, you will be able to gain inspiration and release your mind's pressure, and bring a new perspective to your life.
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