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「 Life Education Farm

2021  Home-school parent-child sports and arts, and environmental protection activities 2021

 The 10th Life Education Drawing Competition

HIYA sent mentor volunteers to communities to promote life and art education.

We use natural materials such as mud and sand to create environmentally friendly and lively art works. We hope to create art works that integrate seamlessly into nature and radiate with positive energy.


     HIYA is a charitable organization dedicated to helping young artists integrate into society, bring art to the community, improve the quality of life, establish healthy aesthetics, and cultivate their moral integrity.

We hope The 10th Life Education Drawing Competition would allow the participants to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, experience the natural environment of the farm, stimulate creativity, and paint the colors of life. We encourage everyone to participate in a green parent-child life, interact with nature's species, integrate into nature, and embrace life.

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