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Time Dimensions ‧ Hand Painting Exhibition was successfully held in Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre from 28 October to 1 November.  The theme of this exhibition is the integration of different time, space and regions.  The audience was able to travel with their eyes to different places and spaces through hand-painted works.  The exhibition not only showcased Japanese art works from the Edo period 300 years ago, but also rare antique paintings from the Taisho period.


In addition to art appreciation, the exhibition also had other activities, including a demonstration of printmaking, allowing the audience to experience the process of making and printing prints in different eras. The audience was also given a presentation of "Second Creation Competition Demonstration", a popular form for art creation today. These extra activities turned out to be very educational and beneficial to the audience.


Due to the large number of visitors, long queues were forming outside the exhibition hall. However, the visitors were patient and entered the venue in an orderly manner.   It was a lively and well organized exhibition.

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    HIYA 2021 Inauguration Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony of Ancient Painting and Calligraphy Restoration and Mounting Course 


The ceremony, held on 1 November, was honored to have Ms. Mani Kwok, Honorary Director of the Seeds of Art Charity Foundation, as the officiating guest of the inauguration ceremony.  Also, thanks to HIYA Chairman Manling Cheung, Vice Chairman Fan Chun, and Artistic Advisor Hung Chun-Hwa for attending the ceremony.  During the ceremony, Advisor Hung displayed some of the antique art works he restored.  It was very impressive. 

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