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“Stream of Consciousness into the New World-Read My Mind” and International Painting Competition 2020 Award Ceremony was held successfully at the Hong Kong Cultural Center on June 19-20, 2021.

 Consciousness flows in dance, painting, and writing, and each time it brings people different feelings. The stream of consciousness that everyone hears, sees, and feels is different. The inheritance of culture allows art to flow to larger and farther places, touching people's hearts.   



In this exhibition, more than 60 outstanding works were selected for display. They include works by our art consultant Mr. Hong Chuanhua (洪傳驊), master of landscape painting Mr. Ji Feng (計鋒), senior art teacher Mr. Zhang Manling (張曼靈), Stream of Consciousness master painter Mr. Fan Zhen (范真).   During the exhibition, Hong Kong Artists’ Gallery Orchestra (AGO) gave a wonderful musical performance. The exhibition united various styles to one, presenting a new era of art to the audience, and bringing us into a new world.  The exhibition attracted a huge crowd.


Activities of the day included meditation chanting bowls, art masters painting and interacting with the audience on-site, bringing new experiences to the audience


The President of the Association, Mr. Zhang Manling and the master of oriental ink painting Hilde Mertens, presented the prizes to the winners.


Thanks to Ming Pao for its report (Wednesday, 9/6/2021)

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