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      The art event of the Mini Bonsai Workshop was held on Aug 21, 2022, at ArtBox.The practice of making potted plants has helped many people to develop a series of planting skills and design concepts for potted plants over the years. In addition to the exchange of paintings, there is also a diverse exchange of bonsai, which provides an in-depth understanding of the art of bonsai.


Art and Family in Summer -

Mini Bonsai Workshop

Everyone can learn to make a mini bonsai decoration in a peaceful state. 


Appreciation of some students' works


Mr.  Manling Cheung guided the audience into the world of Sanyu and the Stream of Consciousness.

盆景工作坊 (14).jpg

In response to the overwhelming response to the application enquiries, the Mini Bonsai Workshop was held again on 18 September 2022 at Artbot.The workshop  gave everyone a deeper understanding of bonsai production and Chinese planting culture, especially the skills and design concepts. The bonsai exchange also includes diversified content.

盆景工作坊 (12).jpg
盆景工作坊 (7).jpg
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