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"Unlock" exhibition

Hong kong international youth artists society (HIYA) hold an "Unlock" exhibition on September 30 to October 3  at the Jao Tsung-I Academy, for visitors to experience different forms of art, releasing their spiritual shackles and experiencing the inspiration thatdifferent artworks can bring.

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Unlock the shackles of art, art is no longer limited, and anyone can have unique creativity.

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Exhibition site

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Catherine Grossrieder aka Cath Love, a well-known local street graffiti artist, has begun to indulge in the world of hip-hop aesthetics in her teenager years. She is specially invited to participate in this exhibition and give a demonstration.


It’s our pleasure to have contemporary artist Michael Andrew Law and visual artist Boroka Kopacz who come from Romania for our ‘Special Lecture on Artist’s Creative Inspiration’. Understanding and excavating the source of inspiration with the audience and getting to know how to create a unique work for yourself.


In addition to exhibiting exhibits provided by artists from all walks of life, this exhibition also hopes that visitors will experience different forms of art, with different activities in between, as well as artist demonstrations.

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