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On 28 August 2022,our Association held a Tea Art exchange Workshop at Artbox, to enjoy tea while appreciating the paintings. You can gather together and have diversified exchanges in addition to the exchange of paintings, and go out to understand Chinese tea art in a profound way.


Tea Meeting with Friends-


Drawing on tea




Cai Xiang's "Tea Note" divides the tea ordering techniques into different small procedures such as moxibustion, tea grinding, tea roasting, water boiling, etc..


In the current trend of Chinese tea ceremony culture, the tea culture of the Tang and Song dynasties is also showing signs of being revived.

We will explore the history of the tea ceremony and the tea ceremony in the Song Dynasty. Through demonstration and practice, we will further understand tea and Chinese culture, broaden our horizon and increase our learning experience. In addition, we will also introduce the art of tea painting, which is similar to the art of pulling coffee, and the Song Dynasty people used chopsticks or spoons to paint animals, insects and fish, flowers and plants on the tea soup.


Tea has not only become an indispensable item in people's daily lives, but the custom of drinking tea has also penetrated into all aspects of people's lives.

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