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HIYA held the "Sanyu and the Stream of Consciousness" exhibition at the sponsoring venue ArtBox, which will bring you the linkage and fantasy of all senses with the experience of the five senses. The eyes (vision), ears (hearing), nose (smell), hands (touch), and the brain (the strongest sense organ) are used to appreciate the stream of consciousness and Sanyu's paintings.

常玉與意識流 海報.jpg

Five Nudes is not only the largest female nude painting Sanyu ever created, but also the one featuring the greatest number of figures within a single composition. The deep red and bright yellowbackground illuminates the pale skin of the figures, who pose seductively as “muses”, with neither the exaggerated proportions of the figures Sanyu painted in the thirties, nor an overly figurative realism. The bold black lines create a naïve, primitive appeal unique to Sanyu’s late works.” This artwork is the second creation of Manling Cheung.


The light music sets off the extension of Parisian music, and the relaxed atmosphere is used to relax the mind, which leads to the inspiration of the infinite concept. The viewing of the paintings under different lighting will also bring different feelings. Visually appreciate the stream of consciousness and Sanyu's paintings. A portamento is placed in the center of the venue, so that everyone can use touch to restore the frequency of brain waves, heartbeat, breathing and other frequencies to a good balance again, so as to better understand the shape of the stream of consciousness. He will also use the sense of smell to deepen the understanding of the painting, and use the elegant chamomile as the main tone, which is full of spirituality, hope and virtue. Since the school of consciousness was founded in the suburbs of Sai Kung, chamomile brings out the spiritual level of the stream of consciousness.

Hope the exhibition will inspire your thoughts on the life level, release the pressure of your mind, and bring you different thinking in life.


Mr. Manling Cheung , Chairman of the HIYA, on-site guided tour

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