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Vietnam Exhibition Recruitment: Hong Kong and Vietnam Cultural Art Exchange Exhibition



As a city of diverse cultural convergence, Hong Kong blends Eastern and Western art styles and cultural elements, showcasing unique charm and vitality. Vietnam, on the other hand, with its rich history and cultural heritage, offers unique cultural landscapes and traditional crafts that are truly captivating.

This exhibition aims to showcase the profound cultural heritage and unique charm between Hong Kong and Vietnam through the presentation of artworks, exploring the wonderful integration and collision of cultures between the two places. In this exhibition, we will present artworks by artists from Hong Kong and Vietnam, exploring the exchange and influence of cultures in artistic creation. Whether it's painting, sculpture, photography, or other forms of artwork, they will all demonstrate the unique charm and diversity of Hong Kong and Vietnam's cultures.

We cordially invite you to submit your artwork for exhibition and share with us your understanding and insights into the cultures of Hong Kong and Vietnam. Join us in sharing your cultural perspectives at this exhibition, promoting cross-cultural exchange, and enriching and developing the art and culture of Southeast Asia and East Asia together.


Application Deadline: July 10, 2024, 24:00

Announcement of Results: July 20, 2024

Exhibition Period: October 6 to October 13, 2024 (tentative)

Exhibition Venue:  2nd Floor, Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum

Established in 1962, the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum is one of the five key museums directly under the Ministry of Culture and Information of Vietnam. It houses over 20,000 collections, exhibiting over 2,000 artifacts and artworks from prehistoric to modern Vietnam, including 9 national treasures, witnessing the brilliance of traditional and modern Vietnamese art. As one of the most representative art and cultural institutions in Vietnam, it has hosted exhibitions by many famous Vietnamese artists such as Le Pho, Nguyen Gia Tri, Pham Hau, and Nguyen Tu Nghiem. Former Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee and Chief Justice of the Supreme People's Court of Vietnam Nguyen Hoa Binh have also visited the National Art Museum of Vietnam and highly praised the exhibitions.


Benefits for Selected Artists

  • Artworks will be exhibited at theVietnam National Fine Arts Museum for 7 days.

  • Artists can freely choose any form of display: screen display, physical display, or high-definition printing.

  • Official invitation to attend the opening ceremony.

  • Selected artists will receive an official exhibition certificate.

  • Professional photographers will document the exhibition scene, including exhibition scenes and detailed photos of all exhibited works.

  • Selected artists will receive an official electronic version of the exhibition catalog, including personal photos, profiles, artwork images, and introductions.

  • Comprehensive promotion of the exhibition on various platforms such as international media, official websites, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat public account, and RED.


Submission Guidelines

  1. Artists from all countries are welcome to submit artworks in various forms, including painting, installation, video, photography, multimedia, graphic design, etc.

  2. Please pack and send the following information to the email: (Please format the subject of the application email as: Vietnam Exhibition + Applicant's Name) 

      (1) Artworks or concepts/sketches (Artwork images should be submitted in jpg/png format, not exceeding 10mb each, videos should be submitted in mp4 format, please name each file (naming format: artwork title_size_category_year), each person can submit up to 5 artworks;

      (2) Artwork information (title, size, category, year, description), a brief description of up to 200 words;

      (3) Personal resume (including personal information, contact information, etc.).

    3. Registration is free. Once the artworks are selected for the exhibition, the artists will receive an email from us to discuss the details of the exhibition. Selected artworks are required to pay a participation fee of $500 USD/person (including transportation and customs clearance fees).

    4. We do not provide framing for the artworks. Exhibited artworks must be properly equipped with stable and fixed accessories for hanging display.


Rights and Responsibilities Statement

  1. The organizer has the right to publicly use the information of the selected artworks submitted by artists for exhibition introductions and artists' personal promotion, and has the right to display, research, photograph, film, publish, and promote the selected artworks. At the same time, the organizer must strictly keep the artists' personal privacy information such as phone numbers, addresses, and families confidential;

  2. Artists must ensure the originality of the selected application artworks;

  3. Artists own the copyright to the artworks and must authorize the organizer to use the intellectual property rights of the artworks for the production of promotional materials, catalogs, online exhibitions, and media promotions;

  4. If the text and image materials provided by the artist constitute infringement of copyright, ownership, or intellectual property rights of third parties, all reputation and economic losses caused by the infringement behavior shall be borne by the artist himself;

  5. The final interpretation of the selected artworks in this exhibition belongs to the organizer during the exhibition period.



Tel: +852 90621702 / +86 18420658772

WhatsApp: 90621702


Contact: Ms. Cheng

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